Qualities You Must Consider When Choosing a Dog Boarding Facility


If dog owners have it their way all the time, they wouldn’t want to separate themselves from their pet buddies. The idea of leaving it behind for someone else other than you to take care of is just plain awkward and uncomfortable. As such, it falls within your responsibility as a pet parent to find the best dog boarding for your buddy every single time you go out of town for an extended period.


But how do you distinguish the best dog boarding from the rest out there? If you read this article, you’ll get the most important things to look for in a dog boarding facility.


1 – Size of the Facility


This factor has to be the first thing you need to examine when choosing the right place to leave your dog temporarily. Simply put, you can’t risk putting your pet in a place that is obviously congested and limited. Size in this regard also means figuring out if there’s a kennel in the facility that is right for your dog’s size.


2 – Clean and Ideally Maintained


Next to size is cleanliness of the facility at http://countrykennel.com/grooming/. It makes zero sense at all to choose a very large facility only to realize that management isn’t doing enough to maintain its cleanliness. A dirty dog boarding facility is never an ideal place to leave your dog behind because it might get deadly diseases and viruses from it.


3 – Safety Concerns


Considering you are leaving your dog to someone you have no other choice but to trust, it means you must ensure that the place is safe enough for your buddy to stay. Some of the safety features you need to be looking at include security cameras, fences, and a sufficient number of staff members to help in controlling the dogs inside.


4 – Enough Area for Exercise and Play


In the best dog boarding facility, the kennel shouldn’t be the only one which needs to be large enough to fit a large-sized dog. Choose a facility at http://countrykennel.com/doggie-day-care/ that has enough open space like a large yard to which dogs can freely move and play since that is one thing you never should take away from them.


5 – Additional Health Care


Veterinarian care isn’t really a necessity during boarding, but it does not mean you can freely choose a facility that doesn’t have a veterinarian on call in case of emergencies. As a dog owner, it gives you the peace of mind and certainty that your dog will be taken care of in case some accident happens that led to an injury or whatever.


In the end, you just can’t put your dog on any boarding facility without considering those five things because the number one thing you want every time you are away is to feel confident that your canine buddy is in good hands.


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